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 Career Clusters 

 Empowering All to Shape Our Future 

What are Career Clusters?
Career Clusters organize occupations and industries into 16 groups, or clusters, according to related skills and knowledge needed. The career clusters curriculum is designed to increase students' exposure to career information and opportunities through the creation of electronic Individual Graduation Plans (eIGPs).

South Carolina recognizes 16 career clusters ranging from Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources to Transportation, Distribution & Logistics. Learn more about a specific career cluster by using the drop down menu above or by downloading our Career Clusters Descriptions.

In 2011-12, the top three career clusters selected by South Carolina students were Health Science; Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM); and Arts, Audio-Visual Technology & CommunicationsClick here to view a complete breakdown of career cluster selection.

Want to know more?
Use the links below for additional information about the career clusters curriculum and how it benefits South Carolina students.



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Download our Career Clusters Descriptions One Pager.

Career Cluster Descriptions

Download SC Student Career Cluster Selection 2011-12.

SC Student Career Cluster Selection 2011-12

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